“Hitting the Target?” Workshop at Surrey.

“Hitting the Target?” How New Capabilities Are Shaping Contemporary International Intervention (12-13 July 2012) cii – the Centre for International Intervention, University of Surrey, UK Paper proposal deadline: Friday 3 February 2012. Notification by end February 2012.

Abstracts are invited for a two day multidisciplinary workshop at cii – the Centre for International Intervention at the University of Surrey – on 12 and 13 July 2012. The workshop’s objective is to explore how new selective precision strike capabilities available to military and intelligence forces are shaping approaches to international intervention. The workshop will provide a forum for dialogue between different academic disciplines, as well as between academia and policy-makers/practitioners. Hence papers addressing the subject from behavioural, ethical, legal and politico/military perspectives – or a combination of these perspectives – are particularly welcome. The organisers are also keen to explore these issues from the perspective of those on the receiving end of intervention as well as those who carry it out. Confirmed speakers at the workshop include: Mr Geoff Loane, Head of Mission, ICRC Mission in the UK; Dr Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary-General, NATO. Participation at the workshop is limited to 60 people. Accommodation at reasonable rates is available on the University campus. We are not able to offer bursaries for travel and accommodation costs.


About Jason Ralph

Jason Ralph, Professor of International Relations, University of Leeds
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