Final seminar in British Foreign Policy after Iraq series

The final seminar in the British Academy Seminar Series on British Foreign Policy after Iraq will take place on Wednesday 25th April 2012, 4pm to 5.30, room 11.13, Social Science Building, University of Leeds. 

Judi Atkins (University of Leeds) will be speaking to her paper ‘A Renewed Social Democracy for an “Age of Internationalism”: An Interpretivist Account of New Labour’s Foreign Policy’.

Dr. Atkins’ work in this area includes ‘A New Approach to Humanitarian Intervention?  Tony Blair’s “Doctrine of the International Community”’, British Politics, 1(2), 2006: 274-283; ‘How Virtue Theoretic Arguments may be used in the Justification of Policy’, Politics, 28(3), 2008: 129-137; and Justifying New Labour Policy (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).

All welcome. 

Future events include 3 July 2012 one day workshop on Britain and the Use of Force after Iraq. Registration free but it is required for attendance.


About Jason Ralph

Jason Ralph, Professor of International Relations, University of Leeds
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