US exceptionalism and the ICC

Understanding US opposition to the International Criminal Court was the first project (2003-2007) in my American exception series.  It had two main aims: first, to examine how the creation of the International Criminal Court impacted on the rules, norms and institutions of international society; second, to understand why the United States opposed the International Criminal Court.  

Main Publications  

Defending the Society of States: Why America Opposes the International Criminal Court and Its Vision of World Society, (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2007).

Anarchy is What Criminal Lawyers and other Actors Make of it: International Criminal Justice as an Institution of International and World Society’ in Steven Roach (ed.) Governance, Order, and the International Criminal Court Between Realpolitik and a Cosmopolitan Court (Oxford: Oxford University Press, June 2009). 

International society, the International Criminal Court and American foreign policy. Review of International Studies, 31, (2005) 27-44.

Between Cosmopolitan and American Democracy: Understanding US Opposition to the International Criminal Court. International Relations, 17, (2003) 195-211.

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